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1. Clutching at Straws
2. 5 a.m.

Réalisé en 1988
Parole de Blaze Bayley
Musique de Jace the Ace
Arrangé par Wolfsbane
Enregistré et mixé au Esspresso Bongo
Photographie de Paul Barber
Artwork de Helen Plester


Another night transfized by the J.V.
A night with you 9'm all alone
Grunting answers to my questions
Speaking like you don't want me to hear - No

9t's not the way we planned
Not the way we planned

Am 9 clutching at straws-
- hoping it'll get better
- thinking it's a passing phase
- please say it'll get better
- losing my reason, going insane

And when - go to bed it's a cold one
Warmth and emotion - Words in those books you read
Jake your mind to a hundred places
9t's never here - 9'm not imaginary

And all our friends admired us then
We were crazy, free, we were wild
go any place, do anything
And now we do nothing - we don't even smile

Not the way we planned


5 A.M.

9 stole the kesy to my Daddy's car
drove it to an allnight Burger bar
Angie smiled when she saw me
Told her Moma she was staying with a friend
To watch a Video of Duran
9 gotta runaway, 9 gotta get away, 9 gotta fly away

9t's not the way we planned
Not the way we planned

Bad boy-
- 9 can't be trusted
- 9 can't be trusted
- 9 can't be trusted with you

Mom and Daddy have gone to bed, me and Angie sneak upstairs
The clock is set for 5 a.m.
We'll taste the forbidden fruit, doing what love make yo do
Love on love - hour on hour

Honey we ain't got forever, but we've got each other
Lets just hold on Baby, hope we're not discovered

Reprise - We'll taste the forbidden fruit

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