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1. Steel
2. Paint The Town Red

Réalisé en 1990
Produit par Brendan O'Brien
Album : All Hells Breaking Loose...
12" maxi promotionnel


Beneath your calm,
behind your smile,
you hide away your lies,
Intimidating, Manipulating,
the truth is in your eyes.

My days and nights get longer,
winding on and on.
Love lost hours make us hard.
You are power mad,
I think that's sad,
real powers in our hearts.

We live our way,
not how you say.
Our blood, our sweat,
we have no regrets.

Tough as steel,
never show the pain we feel,
because we were tough as steel.

Every hour we are stronger.
Inside us grows the rage.
We cannot remain immune.
To win you must kill.
You'll never break our will.
Our aim for glory is true.



Gold's not all that glitters,
and penniless fools cry in there beer,
staring at broken down castles,
eyes filled with cheap whiskey tears,
cursing the things that they never drink away,
things that they did,
waiting for nothing for ever,
while you and me Paint the town Red.

Paint the town Red,
Paint the town Red,
put a gun to my head,
if we don't Paint the town Red.

Paint me a lady from paradise,
a stiletto heeled bitch of the night.
They scream and they'll cuss while we kick up the dust,
we'll burn like a comet tonight!

Paint the town Red - Get out of bed,
fix up your hair,
I got paid and I'm bored,
Lets paint this town red.

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