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1. Loco
2. Dance Dirty
3. Limousine

4. Killer

Réalisé en 1988
Enregistré au Square Dance Studios, Derby U.K.
Arrangé par John Crossley


Aft my truck is rolling,
my wheels are turning fast.
Won't you be my hitch hiker?
Climb aboard while you still can!

Darlin' this trucks a sly bitch,
I can't let it slow down.
I got dreams packed up and loaded and I'm headed out of town!

Baby the city's calling!
Ready for a guy like me!
See the pretty starlight twinkle like a poor boys fantasy.

Renegade! High Roller! I'm Loco, Loco - motion!

About the sweetest smile I've ever seen,
her eyes are shining there,
there for me!

Renegade! High Roller! I'm Loco, Loco - motion!

About the sweetest smile I've ever seen.



No Misery like a lonely heart !
A shadowed dream in blue !
Waking up is so very hard
When it's no-one and you !

You want a woman ? learn to dance !
Want a Friend ? then you drink !
If you're after true romance
Then you dance dirty !

Dance dirty, Princess !
Dance dirty, use that dress !
Dance dirty and so close !
Dance dirty,
I'll walk you home !

A gravel-voiced, blues singer !
An old piano Joe !
Same advice he sings you
Each time he sends you home !

I won't beg, 'cause you're tall already !

I can't dance, no !
on my knees !
Oh darling may I have the pleasure ?
Dance dirty with me ?



Big an' black, a shiny sheen !
Lure of that Limousine !
If only it belonged to me
With its style and Comfort luxury !

I'd never need to ask her name !
'You must be a star', she'd say
Every girl would melt for sure
When they touch my deep veour.

Riding in a Limousine !
Do it in a limo !
Riding in a Limousine !
Limousine ! do it ! do it ! do it ! do it ! do it with me !

I'm cruising tyres off that car
I'm popular in every bar
Every body's buying drinks for me
'This guys got a Limousine !

They call me 'sir' all over town
Treat me like I had a crow
Laughin' all the time I'd be !
Just pretty girls for company !

I got a bottle ! I got the girl !
I got the car, I'm gonna cruise the world !



I’m gonna kill you | That’s what I say
Put a bullet between your eyes!
No one bothers | No one tries!
No one bothers me!
I trust nobody ! Trust somebody, they can put you down !
I rely on no one! No one’s there when I want them around

I want guns, girls, diamonds an’ cars !
I’ve been desperate for too long !

I'm gonna kill you !

Nightmare! Shithead ! Tanked up coming in !
My head all washed away with stolen gin !
I don’t ask favours ‘cause I don’t pay favours back
An’ I ain’t lonely | It’s a state of mind I cracked !

I want guns, girls, diamonds an' cars !
I've been desperate for too long !

I'm gonna kill you !

I know what I want | I see you with it !
You’re a waster! You’re a creep ! A mushbrain airhead fool !
Try to make me look small, mock me so you look tall!
I stood your kind too long already

I’m gonna kill you !
Make you kiss the dirt | See you on your knees! Grind you into dust
Watch you bleed !

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